Thursday, December 15, 2016

Green Mountain Power

Green Mountain Power visited to teach about electrical safety.  They began by using Hazard Hamlet to demonstrate unsafe practices in the environment and in the home.


Then the students went outside.  The lineman, Nate climbed pole for them,,
showed them some tools and got in the bucket.  

The students then wrote thank you notes that showed how much they learned. They did an excellent job on these. 

Ask your child what they learned and what they thought was the most important.

Friday, December 9, 2016


We have been having a lot of fun learning about electricity.  We started with static electricity, using balloons to conduct experiments. Students used equipment to make open and closed circuits.  They evcntually added a switch to show both an open and closed circuit.  They made conclusions and recorded their work to show what they were learning.

Safi records her information.

Mackenzie, Carly and Kennedy are  making  switches.
Aricin and Zac are making a switch.
Cloe and Fyn are getting their switch to work.
Dale and Caleb are recording their information.
Students shared their electrical knowledge with their little
partners.  The K students were able to make a closed circuit and use a switch with'
the help of the big partners. All students were told to find me to take 
a picture but some may not have.

When students were done with the electricity experiments,
they read to their little partners.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We played teakettle to learn more about those pesky homophones. Students worked with a partner. They chose a set of homophones and wrote sentences substituting the word TEAKETTLE.  My example was: I teakettle as much as I can.  I am teakettle handed.  (write/right)

Can you guess this pair's homophones?  Their sentences were:
I found a teakettle in the ground.  I ate a teakettle sandwich.

Can you guess Zach's and Dale's?  
I see a teakettle in the  woods.  Teakettle Dom, I will see you tomorrow.

Caleb and Carly asked: I like to eat a teakettle. Kadence and Liam are a teakettle.

Mackenzie and Safi wrote: 
Today is the second day of the teakettle.
I am teakettle.( Did they know they were going
to be partners and plan their matching

Cloe and Kennedy chose to do:
I do teakettle like to clean my room.  There is a teakettle in the string. 

This trio asked: I went to the teakettle.  I teakettle a truck.

We hope you had fun figuring out the answers!

Friday, October 7, 2016

LIttle Partners

Liam and Landon work together.
Mackenze is helping Sydney.
Third and fourth grade students enjoy being the big partners. We work with Mrs. Raymond's kindergarten class every other week on Friday mornings. The students model good behavior as they help the kindergarten students complete tasks.  Last week we helped the students with numbers through a fall book that they made as well as a coloring sheet. We do many different things throughout the year.
Cloe is helping Beth.

Carly works with Karlie!

Aricin helps his partner, Simon.

Kaydence also works with Beth.

Dale and Kendra work together.
Zachary works with Brooke.

Rhett is helping Charlie.

Caleb works with Hadrian.

Kennedy and Ila work together.  

Safi works with Mae.