Thursday, September 29, 2016

U.S. States Assignment

When the students got to the National Geographic page they had
many states to choose from.  Ask your child what states they looked'

Cloe is hard at work.

Safi is finishing her assignment.
Our class has begun doing regular assignments on the Chrome books.  There are many good reasons to use technology.  One less obvious reason is because it helps students manipulate around on the SBAC test when they take it in the spring.  As they do the assignments they are learning to become comfortable going between tabs to different pages they are using.

Today's assignment tied in with writing, researching and mapping. We have done some focusing on the U.S. states.  Studensts logged on to Google Classroom and started the U,S,  States assignment.  They each had their own page to fill out.  There was a link to the National Geographic for Kids website where they found their information.  They had to find 3 facts about 3 states of their choice, using complete sentences to share the information.

If they finished they had some free time on this website.

Caleb is finding out about
Hawaii, Arkansas and
Aracin is done and exploring
the website.
I took a few pictures. I intended to take more but the students needed help to complete the work.  I will eventually show pictures of all students who have permission to have their pictures shown.

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