Friday, October 7, 2016

LIttle Partners

Liam and Landon work together.
Mackenze is helping Sydney.
Third and fourth grade students enjoy being the big partners. We work with Mrs. Raymond's kindergarten class every other week on Friday mornings. The students model good behavior as they help the kindergarten students complete tasks.  Last week we helped the students with numbers through a fall book that they made as well as a coloring sheet. We do many different things throughout the year.
Cloe is helping Beth.

Carly works with Karlie!

Aricin helps his partner, Simon.

Kaydence also works with Beth.

Dale and Kendra work together.
Zachary works with Brooke.

Rhett is helping Charlie.

Caleb works with Hadrian.

Kennedy and Ila work together.  

Safi works with Mae. 

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