Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We played teakettle to learn more about those pesky homophones. Students worked with a partner. They chose a set of homophones and wrote sentences substituting the word TEAKETTLE.  My example was: I teakettle as much as I can.  I am teakettle handed.  (write/right)

Can you guess this pair's homophones?  Their sentences were:
I found a teakettle in the ground.  I ate a teakettle sandwich.

Can you guess Zach's and Dale's?  
I see a teakettle in the  woods.  Teakettle Dom, I will see you tomorrow.

Caleb and Carly asked: I like to eat a teakettle. Kadence and Liam are a teakettle.

Mackenzie and Safi wrote: 
Today is the second day of the teakettle.
I am teakettle.( Did they know they were going
to be partners and plan their matching

Cloe and Kennedy chose to do:
I do teakettle like to clean my room.  There is a teakettle in the string. 

This trio asked: I went to the teakettle.  I teakettle a truck.

We hope you had fun figuring out the answers!

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