Friday, December 9, 2016


We have been having a lot of fun learning about electricity.  We started with static electricity, using balloons to conduct experiments. Students used equipment to make open and closed circuits.  They evcntually added a switch to show both an open and closed circuit.  They made conclusions and recorded their work to show what they were learning.

Safi records her information.

Mackenzie, Carly and Kennedy are  making  switches.
Aricin and Zac are making a switch.
Cloe and Fyn are getting their switch to work.
Dale and Caleb are recording their information.
Students shared their electrical knowledge with their little
partners.  The K students were able to make a closed circuit and use a switch with'
the help of the big partners. All students were told to find me to take 
a picture but some may not have.

When students were done with the electricity experiments,
they read to their little partners.

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